Dryer cleaning

Today, more and more people supplement their comfort by purchasing a dryer, with the help of which the process of drying laundry becomes fast and accurate. It is recommended to clean the dryer of accumulated dust twice a year. Get in contact with us in order to clean your dryer on regular basis. However, if you missed that opportunity and your dryer has already broken down because of that, don’t panic; we have a solution for that as well.

Washing machine repair

Modern life is difficult to imagine without a washing machine and in case of a problem with it, you will have to find an answer to the question, whom to choose for repair, as quickly as possible, because to stay without such an indispensable tool for a long time is difficult. That is why the most correct option is to contact an experienced specialist from the service centre “APPRO. Our professionals have the necessary knowledge and experience that will help eliminate your problem in the shortest possible time and give you advice on washing machine maintenance. Trust the professionals at APPRO to give you a professional level of service!

Refrigerator build-in repair

Built-in refrigerators are gaining popularity among fans of stylish interiors, but few people think about the issue of repairing such appliances. Despite the fact that the manufacturers of built-in appliances pay great attention to their quality, sooner or later it breaks down. The main difficulties when repairing built-in appliances are related to the fact that all of its nodes are protected by furniture elements and are difficult to access for the master, so not every service company is ready to undertake its repair. However, APPRO company specializes in the repair of any refrigerator at home, including built-in.

Dishwasher repair

A) If your dishwasher isn’t working and you’re wondering what to do, you’ve come to the right place. The most important thing is to identify the symptoms:
1. Dishes are poorly washed, leaving some dirt
2. Water has flooded the bottom of the machine or is leaking
3. The machine is not working, there is noise or the drain pump won’t shut off or steam.
No matter what the reason for failure, we will remove any defect of your appliance qualitatively and as quickly as possible
B) When it comes to dishwasher repair, we offer you the best service: arrivals for diagnosis and repair at your earliest convenience, guaranteed quality of original spare parts which we receive directly from the manufacturer, and qualified specialists who receive regular training from the appliance manufacturer and use professional tools and the latest repair technologies.

Dryer repair

If your Dryer machine needs repair, contact APPRO. APPRO specialists provide quality and quick repair of different dryer manufacturers. We offer affordable prices for dryer repairing, quality service and a guarantee for the work performed. Our specialists carry out dryer repair in the workshop or at the customer’s home and perform their work professionally and qualitatively.

Wall oven repair

Home appliance maintenance may be a real pain for you, especially wall ovens. Compared to range ovens, wall ovens are more riskier to repair and it is never a good idea to attempt to fix wall oven-related difficulties on your own without professional training and certification. All of our repairs are performed by highly trained and qualified specialists, saving you both life and time. Furthermore, if you are dissatisfied with our service, you may seek a refund within 30 days.

Range oven repair

Do not waste time attempting to repair your range oven because It may cause another problem that may cost you more money than time, requiring you to replace your current range oven with a new one. Call us and we will send you one of our professional technicians to repair your ovens at a reasonable cost. We will provide you with 7/24 help in the case of an issue.